Firing Up the Anagama Kiln at Wysing Arts Centre

Monday 4th June 2018

Back in 1997/1998 potter Izumihara Masanobu, Ben Brierley, Paul McAllister, Stephen Parry and others built a remarkable and rare wood-firing Bizen style kiln at Wysing Arts Centre. Since then it has been modified, fired and maintained by various people but has been sadly neglected over the last few years.

Wysing Anagama

So I’m delighted to be helping Wysing Arts Centre bring it back to life as part of the Making Everyday project in association with Grizedale Arts who are bringing their philosophy that art and artists can affect change and benefit wide culture from Coniston to Cambridge. Also joining them are potter Hyunmin Shin, designer Jungyou Choi and artist Jina Lee from Korea.

If you’re interested there’s loads of scope to get involved with making functional work to go in the kiln with artists Mark Essen and Aaron Angell as well as helping with the firing itself. More info here.