Accolade is a participatory artwork reflecting on the complex forces at play in the drive for success. The installation contains masses of slumped ceramic trophies displayed on a moving conveyor belt which, like a procession of susceptible egos, struggle to keep their balance in a questionable glory parade .

All trophies are available for sale and a selection of them contain up to a thousand pounds worth of gold bullion within the fired clay. It’s impossible to know in advance which trophies contain gold and the only way to be truly sure would be to smash the purchased artwork.

The price of each trophy is as variable as the individual purchasing it. Epps collaborated with the statistician and author of The Art of Statistics
Professor David Spiegelhalter to develop a digital questionnaire and algorithm which calculates a personally adjusted price depending on an individual’s circumstances and chances of societal success. The aim of the algorithm is a playful contemplation of a fairer world of art pricing.

Dimensions: 700cm x 500cm x 200cm
Media: Ceramics, Gold Bullion, Digital Questionnaire
The British Ceramics Biennial 2019, Stoke-On-Trent